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The Design Process:



On our clients’ demand, we can provide help in choosing the proper land from the very beginning. We call your attention to the hidden risks, the building regulations and limitations, and we  help developers to discover potential opportunties and the problems to be solved of the property.
We prepare the proposal plan, if required renderings, cost estimate, which greatly help the the estimate of the technical and financial base of the overall project. The drawing content typically consists of 1:100 scale floor plans.



The necessity of permit plan documentation and the exact content is regulated by the law.
If necessary, we prepare the discipline-specific plans (structural and building engineering, fire protection, accessibility, etc), calculations and technical specifications.
During the permit process, we charge ourselves of negotiating with the different authorities personally.
We represent the interests of the builder and conduct the permit process on the Internet (in ÉTDR system). If necessary, we obtain the approval of the utilities.
In some cases, the first level of building authority requires a prior jury-plan to show it to the planning board  for evaluation, its content may differ from that of the permit plan. This step can significantly increase the duration of the authorization process.

It is possible that no building permit is required for the construction activity, but a townscape notification procedure may be required by the building authority.
In this case, the notification page shall be accompanied by the attachment of the complete plan documentation, so the design task is typically not reduced, only the course of the proceedings changes, and gets greatly accelerated.
Within the expiry of the period prescribed by law, the authority takes a decision. If the application is accepted and within 15 days thereafter, no one appeals, the permit becomes final.



The construction plan is actually an implementation of the construction process in thought, and its communication on paper.
Any technical construction has to be preceded by an implementation in mind. In the absence of this, the building becomes modelling in reality, with an uncertain outcome, uncontrollable processes and obviously dramatically rising costs. Without a plan, a contractor is not accountable either in a qualitative or quantitative respect.
However, on making the construction plan, the construction process becomes well manageable and most importantly, it is a MAJOR money saver.

The exact contents of the construction plan is determined for the given project. In simpler projects, the absolutely necessary working parts are developed, while in more complex design tasks, a team is made up of engineers and experts of different disciplines. The construction plan is based on an architectural plan, it is complemented by specialized plans of different disciplines. The end result of all these is a master plan.

The discipline-specific designers draw up the technical specifications, 1:50 scale plans (floor plans, ceiling plans, sections, elevations), detail plans (eg, locksmith and carpentry structures detailed plans, specifications) and an unpriced budget, which has to be filled by   bidder contractors.
Where the construction activity is subject to authorization, the construction plan must follow the content of the valid building permit. It may not be different.
The construction plan may preceded by a tender plan, if necessary, in the process.



At the end of the building process, after the technical handover, the Contractor is obliged to pass one copy of the construction plans in accordance with the actual implementations to the builder.


A1 Építésziroda Kft. 1112 Budapest, Rétkerülő út 20. e-mail: a1@a1epitesziroda.hu mobil: + 36 30 545 9779, + 36 30 304 8944